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The City of Marbella will offer a plot for an institute in Las Chapas

The equipment that is expected between the areas of Rio Real and the Costa del Sol Hospital would serve the Mario Vargas Llosa and Xarblanca schools

The City Council of Marbella will offer the Andalusian Government land in the eastern part of the municipality, in Las Chapas, for the construction of a secondary school. This was confirmed yesterday by the municipal head of Education, Carmen Diaz, prior to the presentation of a proposal that in this sense will be made tomorrow by the mayor at the regular plenary session in October.

In response to the request made by the Provincial Delegation of Education, the council will raise to the consideration of the City Council a proposal to put at the disposal of the Andalusian Public Entity of Educational Infrastructure and Services of the Ministry of Education a site of almost 12,000 meters, located between the areas of Rio Real and the Costa del Sol Hospital. The Andalusian Government will thus have the possibility of including the action in the budgets of 2018, which are in the process of being parliamentary and beginning to alleviate with the construction of the new institute the important deficit of educational places that Marbella drags.

Specifically, the new equipment would provide immediate service to the students of Trapiche Norte, where two primary education centers are located – the Mario Vargas Llosa and Xarblanca schools. The first of them, inaugurated in 2013, has not assigned any institute, despite the fact that only one course is needed for the first class of students to finish primary school. The second center has a temporary assignment of its students in the Green River.

Bernal says that during his government all steps were taken to offer the floor to the Board

Against this background, the government team considers it “essential” the opening of a new institute, at least three lines, that receives minors enrolled in both schools, facilitates its secondment and stops the inevitable massification of other institutes.

In the proposal that Mayor Ángeles Muñoz will take to the plenary session, to which this newspaper has had access, it is gathered that after the pertinent consultations with the corresponding departments and, verified that in the area of ​​influence of both centers there was no parcel that gathered The legal requirements established for the construction of a new IES, we proceeded to conduct a search of those sites that will best adapt to the needs of the students of Mario Vargas Llosa and Xarblanca schools. “To do this,” the proposal underlines, “we have had the opinion of the AMPAS of both centers and the Planning Service of the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía. With all this, we have considered that the plot that exceeds the requirements for the construction of a center of these characteristics, allowing at the same time to solve future needs, is located in the surroundings of the Costa del Sol Hospital, having an easy access and a total of 11,761 meters of solar ».

PGOU OF 1986

The head of Education of Marbella, who managed the area as councilor from 2007 to 2015 under Muñoz governments and who resigned from its minutes at the end of 2016, told SUR that the plot, which is within the offer allowed by the General Plan of 86, it was visited by technicians of the Provincial Delegation in 2009, so he trusted that Educational Planning this time take the step forward to build the institute after the offer of land that will make the full City Council.

Moments before this announcement, and after verifying that the point did not appear on the agenda of the session transferred to the political groups, the PSOE had called on the government team to take it, with the warning that if it did not Socialists would do it by urgent procedure.

The Socialist spokesman, José Bernal, and Councilwoman Isabel Pérez, assured that the Andalusian Regional Government plans to include the institute’s project in the 2018 budgets, which are currently in the parliamentary process. “We moved both Education of the Junta de Andalucía as Educational Infrastructures that either the plot is transferred immediately or would not enter the construction of the institute in the budgets of 2018,” said Bernal.

The former mayor said that since the fall of the General Plan the previous municipal government was looking for plots and after several months of work with the Board and AMPAS it was concluded that all the soils in the vicinity of the Northern Trapiche required a process previous planning that would delay the execution of the project. According to Bernal, all the parties saw that the quickest solution was to give up the municipal plot next to the Costa del Sol Hospital, planned for educational equipment.


“All the steps are taken and we do not understand why the government team has not included this item in the ordinary plenary agenda,” said Isabel Pérez, who assured that it is an educational center that would allow decongesting the North Trapiche and Plates.

After meetings with the Delegation of the Board, said Perez, “we find that if the City Council does not immediately cede the plot, the construction of the institute would not enter the 2018 budget, so we are concerned, and in the face of the inaction of the current Government , and the possible exclusion of the budgets of said institute, we request that the cession be undertaken now, “he said.

Asked about the alleged inaction of the municipal government, the head of Education of Marbella explained that the proposal for inclusion in the regular plenary session had been presented that same morning – at 09.33 as recorded on the stamp of the entry record. “What a shame that in two years that has been governing the PSOE has not been able to deliver to the Junta de Andalucía a plot that did not have any problems. The important thing is that the proposal to the plenary is presented from this morning, accompanied by a letter signed by the AMPAS of the two schools that support the offer of that plot, “said Diaz.

The person in charge stressed that “after three or four days” of landing at the Municipal Delegation of Culture and Education, which took place on September 6, she met with the AMPAS of Mario Vargas Llosa and Xarblanca, at the request of these parents, “They said, they told me so, that nobody had done anything in this sense, that they did not see anything moving, and I promised them that by the month of October the motion would be full and we have done that.” Díaz pointed out that after the plenary session approves the provision of the plot to the Board, it is necessary to send a series of reports from different municipal departments; “Those reports that will be sent in November are requested by the Delegation of Culture and Education for two weeks,” said the official as proof that the current government team planned to take the motion to the October plenary session to expedite the bureaucratic procedures that allow the construction of the institute.

Source: DiarioSur

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